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Cake vs. Torte

A traditional cake is made with ingredients consisting of sugar, butter, eggs and flour. A torte, however, calls for little to no flour, and flour is usually replaced by ground nuts, breadcrumbs or almond flour.

Since cakes contain flour, they rise during baking. Therefore cakes are fairly tall in height, at least 4 inches. Tortes however, are almost always much shorter. They average 2-4 inches in height.

Tortes, by definition, are a type of cake. All tortes are cakes, but not all cakes are tortes. Tortes are generally more expensive, because they are made with higher quality ingredients.

Cakes are fluffy, tortes are more dense with a tighter crumb. Cakes are typically frosted with buttercream or fondant, while tortes are topped with ganache, whipped cream, or a glaze. Tortes are sometimes brushed with syrup or liqueur for moisture and for flavor.

Many people enjoy either one without knowing the difference.

Zserbó offers over 50 different cake flavors including a lot of Hungarian specialties. Our Torte Chocolate is extremely popular, which is a flourless chocolate torte flavored with fresh orange and brandy, made with almond flour.

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