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Zserbó-Where did our name come from?

My love for baking began when I could barely reach the kitchen counter. I have been obsessed with everything related to baking since I was a young child, and over the years I have developed several of my baking creations.

While I was planning my bakery just a couple of months ago, I asked several of my friends (both here in the US and in Hungary) to choose from 4 names for my new business. Deep down my heart I wanted to give it a Hungarian name, and interestingly most friends picked the name Zserbó, which was the only Hungarian option on the list. It is unique, different, and exotic they said. It definitely stands out. Let me give you a little background.

Zserbó is probably the best known pastry in Hungary. It was invented by a Swiss born Hungarian confectioner and entrepreneur Emil Gerbeaud in 1884. It is a layered apricot walnut pastry flavored with rum and baked to perfection, then glazed with dark chocolate.

Some people add cinnamon to the apricot filling. Although the original recipe calls for apricot preserve, in some areas of Hungary people make it with ginger, apple or plum jam or even with a honey and walnut filling.

Growing up in Hungary, Christmas and Easter was almost unimaginable without this rich, delicious pastry. I recall making it with my older sister Timi, it was her favorite holiday dessert. We couldn't wait to start baking before the holidays and sample all the goodies while they were still warm out of the oven.

Of course it is our signature item here at Zserbó Bakery. It is a must try, and I guarantee you will enjoy every bite of this traditional deliciousness!

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